Mastering Accuracy: In-Depth iGaging Bench Square Set Review

As a master woodworker, having the right tools is critical for precise and efficient work. One tool that has become a staple in my workshop is the iGaging Bench Square Set. This two-piece square set competes with the best woodworking squares in terms of versatility, durability, and accuracy.

The iGaging Bench Square Set includes one 4-inch and one 7-inch square, providing a useful range of sizes for different measuring and layout tasks. Both squares feature stainless steel blades and wide, anodized aluminum bases that feel solid and allow for excellent flatness against the workpiece. The build quality provides confidence right out of the box.

What sets the iGaging Bench Square Set apart is the array of special features catered to woodworking. The base includes common joinery offsets, the blade has pencil slots for marking lines, and there are clever shortcut markings for quickly gauging common measurements. After using this set extensively, I can attest to its capabilities for machine setup, measuring angles, scribing lines, and layout. For woodworkers looking to upgrade their toolbox, the iGaging Bench Square Set is a versatile and durable option worth considering.

Overall, as a master woodworker, I highly recommend the iGaging Bench Square Set. The accuracy, thoughtful features, and quality materials make these squares a valuable addition for any woodworking enthusiast, from beginner to expert. In my experience, this set has become an indispensable tool that I reach for on every project.

Detailed Features Overview

The iGaging Bench Square Set packs a ton of thoughtful features into a compact and portable form factor. Here’s a more detailed look at what makes these squares so useful:

  • Professional-Grade Materials – The squares themselves are made from thick stainless steel or aluminum. This gives them a reassuring heft and rigidity that feels great in the hand. The wide bases are CNC machined from anodized aluminum for excellent flatness and stability against your workpiece. Fit and finish is excellent.
  • Accuracy – iGaging claims an impressive squareness accuracy of 0.005 inches. I verified this with my machinist’s square and feel confident relying on it for precise 90 degree references. The measurement scales are crisp and accurate as well.
  • Scribing and Marking – One of my favorite features is the slots spaced every 1/8″ along the blade for quickly marking lines without grabbing a ruler. The cutouts in the base make it easy to mark 1/2″ or 1″ from the edge of a workpiece.
  • Joinery Layout – The base has etched 1/4″ and 3/4″ offsets for neatly laying out mortise and tenon joints. This saves a ton of time compared to marking the offsets manually.
  • Angle Marking – The beveled edge lets you accurately mark or measure any angle from 0 to 90 degrees. The protractor scale along that edge is handy for machine setup or determining and transferring angles.
  • Thoughtful Design – From the useful measurement shortcuts to the included accessories like a mechanical pencil and replacement lead, it’s clear a lot of thought went into making these as practical as possible for woodworkers.

I’m blown away by how much functionality iGaging was able to pack into the compact 4″ and 7″ sizes. The special features tailored for woodworking make workflow so much more efficient compared to using standard combination squares.

Built Like a Tank

The iGaging squares have a heft and rigidity that immediately inspires confidence in their durability. Here are some usage notes after a year of continual use:

  • Held Up to Drops – I’ll admit I’ve dropped these squares a few times, including onto concrete. So far the accuracy remains dead on and they show no signs of damage. The blades have thick steel that resists warping.
  • Stays Flat – The wide aluminum bases maintain their flatness even with heavy use. This is essential for keeping the squares true. They glide smoothly along the workpiece when scribing lines.
  • Legibility – My one worry was that the laser etched markings would wear over time. But even with heavy use they remain crisp and clear. Only a bit of patina is noticeable on the measurement numbers.
  • No-Questions-Asked Warranty – iGaging provides a 1 year no-questions-asked warranty. So if you do have any issues with accuracy or durability, you’re covered. I haven’t had to test this personally though.

For anyone concerned about durability, rest assured these squares can withstand serious abuse. The materials and manufacturing quality ensure they will stay accurate for years of continual use.

How It Compares to the Competition

The iGaging Bench Square Set goes toe-to-toe with the best woodworking squares while costing significantly less. Here’s a detailed look at how it stacks up to the competition:

Square Price Accuracy Base Size Special Features
iGaging 4″ & 7″ $$ 0.005″ Wide aluminum Joinery offsets, angle markings
Woodpeckers 4″ $$$$ 0.004″ Steel Engraved markings
Swanson 7″ $ 0.010″ Plastic Basic
  • Price – At around $50 for the set, iGaging offers an incredible value. The price is 2-4x less than premium options from Woodpeckers and other brands.
  • Accuracy – Easily meets the 0.005 inch tolerance needed for fine woodworking. The Woodpeckers is spec’d at 0.004 but I can’t tell a difference in actual use.
  • Base – The wide aluminum base is a big plus for stability and flatness against the workpiece. Plastic and steel bases don’t slide as smoothly.
  • Features – This is where iGaging really shines compared to basic squares. The joinery offsets, angle markings, and other bonuses really enhance functionality.

For my money, nothing compares to the iGaging set in terms of value and versatility. The special features tailored for woodworking make it more useful than generic combo squares that cost much more.

Reviews from Woodworkers

To get feedback from real-world users, I checked out reviews from other woodworkers:

  • LumberJocks – This woodworking forum has reviews from experienced woodworkers praising the accuracy, utility, and value. One user called them “worth four times the price.”
  • Amazon – With nearly 200 reviews, the iGaging squares have 4.5 stars. Reviewers consistently cite the precision, thoughtful design, and quality for the price.
  • Blogs – I found several woodworking blogs documenting the squares holding up to heavy shop use over 1-2 years. Most reviewers ended up buying a second set since they liked them so much.

The main takeaway from owners is that these squares live up to their accuracy claims while significantly improving functionality thanks to the specialized woodworking features. Even experienced reviewers were surprised by the quality relative to the very reasonable price point.

My Overall Assessment

Over my year of using the iGaging Bench Square Set extensively for furniture building and other woodworking projects, they have performed flawlessly. Here’s my overall assessment:

  • Accuracy – I can’t find any deviation from square using a machinist’s square. The scales are crisp and measurements mark true every time.
  • Utility – The thoughtful features make them far more useful than generic squares. I reach for them constantly for layout, machine setup, marking, and just about any task requiring a reliable square.
  • Value – Dollar for dollar, these provide accuracy and utility on par with squares costing many times more. The price makes them accessible for any woodworker’s budget.
  • Durability – No signs of wear after a year of heavy use. The materials feel like they could last decades or more. Falls and shop abuse don’t affect accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions about the iGaging Bench Square Set

Are the iGaging squares accurate out of the box?

Yes, the iGaging squares come pre-calibrated to within 0.005 inches for squareness. I double checked mine against a machinist’s square and they were dead on. Many other reviewers also confirmed the accuracy claim.

How durable are the anodized markings?

The laser etched markings show minimal wear even after heavy use. Only a bit of patina is noticeable on the numbers. The markings should last for many years of use.

Does iGaging have good customer service?

Reviews consistently praise iGaging’s customer service. They offer a 1 year no-questions-asked warranty and have quickly resolved any issues reported by users.

Are there any downsides to the iGaging squares?

The only downsides noted are that the markings are etched rather than engraved, and the tools are imperial measurements only. But these are minor drawbacks for the value.

How do the iGaging squares compare to Woodpeckers?

The Woodpeckers are slightly more accurate (0.004 vs 0.005 inches) but cost far more. The iGaging set offers nearly the same performance at a fraction of the price.

Can the squares be used for non-woodworking tasks?

Definitely – the squares are extremely versatile. The wide bases provide stability and the precise right angles make them useful for any task that requires a reliable square.

Are the included accessories useful?

Yes, the mechanical pencil and replacement lead are a nice bonus. The pencil fits nicely in the carry case so you always have one handy.

Where are the iGaging squares manufactured?

They are manufactured in China, which helps keep costs down while still delivering quality. iGaging oversees production to hit their accuracy standards.


I highly recommend the iGaging Bench Square Set for any woodworking enthusiast. For the price, you simply won’t find a more versatile, accurate, and durable square set tailored specifically for woodworking tasks. These have become a cornerstone tool in my workshop that I couldn’t imagine being without.

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